Friday, July 26, 2013

“If you’re a real psychic, what am I thinking right now?”

Another question I get when I tell people I’m a psychic. This is usually my cue to screw with people. Yes, many psychic have a well-honed sense of humor and aren’t afraid to use it. Especially when people make themselves such easy targets playing, Stump the Psychic.

Trust me folks as a seasoned second generation psychic it generally turns out bad for you. For example:

Q. If you’re a real psychic what am I thinking right now, come on tell me and I’ll give you this $100 bill. (At this point I take a deep breath.)

A. Okay, I’m thinking you’re thinking that I’m a phony and can’t see that you’re a loser tool who can’t get an erection if a naked Victoria’s Secret model walked by and still lives in his mother’s basement working for Best Buy, with two emails – one for work and one under Am I getting close?

At that point they let out a nervous laugh tell me I’m full of shit and leave. Nine times out of ten I walk away with a crisp, new hundred dollar bill in my jean pocket.

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